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Benares, the tale of great design is a premium retail brand selling distinctive designs in lifestyle clothing and accessories. Benares work with established and emerging designers, inspired by India. The culture of continuous innovation, artisan-designers collaborations, personalised service and attention to detail enables Benares to offer superior quality and limited edition designs.


Benares seek for a user-friendly and intuitive platform that celebrates the different layers of India’s centuries-old design history within a modern context. The site needed to be unique conveying the design and aesthetic of a traditional and a modern-day bazaar.


Benares brings India to ION, contrived a site which conceptualises the user experience in a way to experience the karma of great design. The responsive design with technical and information architecture is crafted in a way that it combines present and pas


User Experience (UX)
Technical and Information Architecture (IA)
User Interface Design (UID)
Responsive Design
Digital Strategy
Digital marketing strategy