IFSEC | Square Radius

The International Fire & Security Exhibition and Conference (IFSEC) India Expo is South Asia’s largest security, civil protection, and fire safety show. The 11th edition of its convention took place last year in New Delhi. These Expos see a participation of over 300 brands from over 20 countries such as UK, USA, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Lithuania, South Africa, Russia, and Turkey from the security and fire domain. Square has successfully handled the IFSEC events for 2 consecutive years.
We also undertook similar challenges for 'SAFE' event targeted for the south of India in 2017.


For events of such magnitude and scale, the team at IFSEC gave us an uphill task of engaging users on their website and generate leads for the expos. They wanted a strong digital and social media presence much in advance to create buzz leading up to the events. Attendance at the event was essential.


Right at the outset, we analyzed their current website in terms of traffic, exit pages, time spent on the form page and bounce rate. We recommended the team to create customized landing pages for each event. These responsive landing pages contained an interactive and user-friendly registration form. We launched multiple AdWords and Google display campaigns online to drive relevant traffic to the landing page for conversions. With the help of tracking codes, we evaluated the performance of online and internal emailer campaigns and frequently updated the content and messaging. Keeping attuned to the best practices and statistics, we were able to achieve more than the required targets for every event. Our team uploaded live posts from the expos to generate buzz and push more visitors to the events.