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Intuit Awesome

'AWESOME' is more than a 7-letter word. And each letter reveals one of 7 accomplishments of Intuit that resulted in it being ranked #7 on 'India’s Best Companies To Work For' in 2015! As there is a ‘me’ in AWESOME, Intuit wanted to hear from its team what the #7LettersOfAwesome meant to them.


There are around 500 employees in India working for Intuit to make it a great place to work and employees usually don’t get to know about the company’s achievements. This campaign was an initiative to make each and every employee feel proud about the GPTW rank given to Intuit.


Intuit’s value is in delivering 'AWESOME' which is a 7-letter word. And since Intuit received a #7 ranking in the GPTW survey, it was time to celebrate the AWESOMENESS of each and every employee at Intuit. To engage employees in this campaign we created an interactive microsite for employees to express what the 7 letters of awesome mean to them at Intuit, and encourage them to share it on social media so that the world sees the Awesomeness of Intuit employees.


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