Poink | Square Radius

Ink from pollution - Poink. You could use it to make a Poink or two about absolutely anything you want and in the process help save the environment. Polluted soot is chemically treated to remove heavy metals and various cancer-causing agents resulting in a carbon-based pigment which is then converted into ink, which we call Poink.


Poink bestowed a tough challenge to us - to digitally develop a suite that will effectively interact with the audience and widespread the idea of the innovation of converting Pollution into Ink.


Square designed a striking user interface wieldy web design, interactively illustrating the neoteric discovery. We architected a framework of technical responsive information with an intuitive form design via new widgets enabling the audience to get the closest experience of POINK.


Technical and Information Architecture (IA)
User Interface Design (UID)
Web Development
Wireframing & user experience
Concept design
Creative direction