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Siddhartha Festival

Held in Bodhgaya, India, Siddhartha Festival celebrates Buddha’s life and teachings at the place where he attained enlightenment: under the Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya. It is a collaborative effort by Siddhartha’s Intent, Deer Park Institute, World Centre For Creative Learning Foundation, Vana Foundation, Antara Senior Living, and Khyentse Foundation.


The digital presence needed to engage and express a celebration of Bodhgaya and Siddhartha Festival. Its key message needed to be clear – invite like-minded people to learn about Buddha’s life and his teachings.


Our first priority: user experience. It needed to be user-friendly for participants taking them on a journey using key imagery and clear call to actions. The mobile-first responsive website is underpinned by a flexible framework, allowing the client full control of the website.


User Experience (UX)
Information Architecture (IA)
Usability Testing
User Interface Design
Responsive Design
Digital Style Guide
Front-End Development
CMS Development
API Integration
Acceptance Testing