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The Sarai at Toria

The Sarai at Toria is the vision of Dr. Raghu Chundawat, a conservation biologist, and Joanna Van Gruisen, a wildlife photographer, writer and conservationist. This uniquely designed 8-room accommodation is situated on a beautiful riverside site, close to Khajuraho and Panna Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh, India.


The founders of Sarai at Toria wanted their website to resonate with the soft, earthy tones of the place, while bringing out the flavour of a luxury resort.


The information architecture of the website was designed like an actual experience. With help from the people at Sarai at Toria, we engineered the website to replicate the feel of the actual place. With customized menu designs and plugins, we were able to deliver a product that was very close to the founders' vision. To ensure uptime and performance, we chose AWS as the hosting partners of the website.


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