Vana | Square Radius

A search for equilibrium, learning, and inner journey are at the heart of Vana. Vana is a refuge for all beings and is beyond conventional definitions. Vana means forest and those that take abode within it are Vanavasis.


To create an elegant, experiential website that serves as the first impression of Vana as a place and a way of life. The website needed to resonate with the softness of Vana as a Retreat and as an abode for all sentient beings, as well as offer seamless navigation through the information present on the site.


We created a minimal responsive design that could be navigated with ease by a new user and still engage a repeat user. Fluid and soft transitions within the homepage gave the user something new to experience with each scroll or tap. We also perceptively used innovative scrolls and blurbs to contain a lot of information within short lengths on a page.


Information Architecture (IA)
User Experience (UX)
User Interface Design
Responsive Design
Digital Style Guide
Acceptance Testing
CMS ( Content Management System )