Vidyaloke | Square Radius

A initiative to revive Indian wisdom and culture in contemporary India, not as a spiritual organization or movement or philosophy – but as a facilitator for those seeking the greatest living teachers of ancient Indian wisdom.


With His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama as the flag bearer of the first teachings and talk in New Delhi, a responsive design was to be contrived encouraging people to learn about the teachings and participate.


We wire-framed a scalable information architecture offering an easy platform helping the students and participants to take up the journey. We also built a robust registration portal for participants with auto-transmitted emails and notifications.


Technical and Information Architecture (IA)
Digital marketing strategy
Content strategy
Customer experience
Wire-framing & user experience
Social media integration
CMS Integration
Emailer\ Communication
Responsive Design
Front-End Development
User Interface Design (UID)
Acceptance Testing
Lead Generation Programe