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Make in India
Make in India
Make in India
Make in India


MAKE IN INDIA installation at Hannover Messe, Germany was a result of a successful collaboration with artist Prasad Raghavan. Hoping to give 'Make in India' initiative a strong push, PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the Hannover Fair 2015 where India is the partner country, together with host and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The wooden beast composed of shelves, it carries an array of Indian products representing India's states proclaiming the country is making a concerted effort to cultivate these partnerships. The illustrious illustration was a feature on the cover of DOMUS.


Prasad Raghavan laid out a new challenge to wireframe the astounding composition. In Indian folklore, the lion denotes the attainment of enlightenment, besides representing power, courage, pride and confidence. The major dare was to craft the illustration in balance maintaining the attainments.


We conceptualise and wireframe the model in a way that it truly showcases the lion as the new symbol for a new India and its huge roar paid testament to that during the Indian Cultural Performance at the Inaugural Session of Hannover Messe in Germany.


3-D modelling
Concept design