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The Sarai at Toria

This uniquely designed 8 room accommodation is situated on a beautiful riverside site, close to Khajuraho and Panna Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh, India. Surrounded by wonderful history and natural beauty it is a destination in itself and conveniently located to fit into a number of central Indian itineraries.

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We are laser focused on our customers, live and breathe innovation, and champion those who dare to dream.

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Gaurav Gupta

The brand Gaurav Gupta was founded in 2004. Gaurav, with his brother and Managing Business Partner Saurabh Gupta, has created a brand that is known across the world, for its breakthrough design philosophy, changing the definition of couture.

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We work with partners/clients to develop new strategies for growth.


Digital design for startups and companies that understand the value of design.


We believe our industry needs to be transformed to create things people actually want & welcome.


Studio Renn

Studio Renn, we explore the world through abstraction and fine jewelry is the medium through which we express these explorations.

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Raw Mango

Raw Mango draws from the colors, philosophies and cultures of India to create a unique voice, questioning place and perspective through design.

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